Logo Design

Why Logo Desgin

Logo can be one of the most important memorable part for your business, and logo also define character and uniqueness of your business as mentioned. The more outstanding logo you have, the more chance to get attention from customers reaching to your site. Award winning logo can be a helpful part of your brand image. Logo is used to remind your customers or potential customers about your business.

Logo As A Brand Reflection

The logo reflects your business and brand identity. So, as brand and business owners, you should pay more attention and importance to your logo. We provide Logo design service to help your brand stand out, be unique, easy to remember. Our service includes adjusting your original logo and logo design by Feng Shui principles, etc. 

Guidelines For Good Logo Design

  1. Logo should have a meaningful concept that clearly refers to your products or services.
  2. The logo should be designed based on simplicity. Because it needs to make it easy to remember.
  3. The logo should be chosen with 2-3 colors. If we use more colors, it will start to confuse and difficult to remember.
  4. Explore the market, see the logo design on products to make a uniqueness and difference from competitors and easy to recognize your brand.
  5. Consider about usage, such as printing to the storefront sign, billboard, digital banner, or using on the website. If the logo must be printed in black and white, it needs to assure that it’s looked out clearly.


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